Solid. Fast. Easy.

Because ramps shouldn't suck.



One size fits all.

After a few simple adjustments on your first installation and no modifications to your truck, your ramp will be in the perfect place every time.


Solid and secure.

Ramps are secured to the RampPro system via easy to grab pull-pins. Two quick pulls to release, two quick pulls to secure.  It's that simple.


Leave it on or take it off.

Whether your tailgate is up or down, RampPro was designed to stay out of your way. RampPro is mounted via the hitch receiver, so it can be easily taken on or taken off within seconds.

Made in the USA.

Load in minutes.

Loading is fast, easy, and safe.

More room for gear.

RampPro stows securely out of the way.

Leave it on.

Keep your RampPro on your hitch if you wish; ramps can be folded into a compact position.


RampPro works great for loading and unloading my dirt bike!


Thanks RampPro for giving me the confidence knowing I can load and unload my ATV safely.


RampPro works great on my Ford Ranger, safely loading everything from a mini bike to a lawn tractor.  Thanks RampPro!