RampPro 2.0 Coming Soon!

Hey everybody,

Since our last post, a lot has happened.  We've been continuing to streamline our manufacturing, get more products out and into your hands, receiving a lot of excellent feedback, and finally, completing the design of RampPro 2.0!  

What is RampPro 2.0?

Well, we've taken all the feedback from our customers and created an improved design.  You might be thinking, "oh, these guys are trying to cheapin' it up as they are starting to sell more..."  That could not be further from it!  If you remember from our last blog post, we were working through some different designs to stabilize the side-to-side motion that was present when loading equipment that did not evenly distribute the weight across the ramp.  For example, customers were experiencing side to side motion when loading motorcycles off the centerline of the ramp.  Although not dangerous, it does not provide the stable experience we are striving for with RampPro.  So, we took that feedback to heart and created RampPro 2.0 to specifically address this need.  We did not want to make the design more complex, so we worked hard to come up with a new design that is truly simple and improves the stability of the RampPro for everyone, no matter what we are loading.  The new design no longer employs the use of a double pull pins, and features characteristics that tighten the assembly and reduces the side-to-side motion significantly.  More to come on the specifics once we are farther along with the testing.

Where are we at, and what's next?

We are working hard to complete the testing of this new design so it exceeds your expectations!  We do not have a prospective date as to when we will be releasing RampPro 2.0 for sale, but we will be posting that date here, so stay tuned.

In other news:

Check out our new website!  In an effort to better post sale prices, notify you of inventory, show you how it works, and just all around provide the best possible experience, we have created a new website.  So, take a look around, subscribe, and tell us what you think!

We can't wait for what the future holds, and as per usual, we can't thank everyone enough for helping us make this dream a reality!