RampPro was designed by aerospace engineers.  It wasn't born overnight, but was the result of countless hours of reviewing 3D models, late nights in the shop, testing prototypes, and getting feedback from people like you.  It took a lot of iterations, but we are finally getting it right.

RampPro is a product of TWF-Behr Co


RampPro is a hitch mounted ramp carrying and securing system.  It is designed with simplicity in mind, RampPro can be installed on nearly any truck (see our FAQ for sizing details).  The hitch mount system allows you to secure your ramps outside of your truck bed when traveling.  Easy to use pull pins make for quick setup of the ramps for loading and unloading your equipment.


It started as a crammed workshop inside a rental house garage.  Our fabrication shop is now located outside of Rockford, IL.


RampPro was born out of the frustrations of using traditional ramps.  After our share of ramp incidents we had enough.  No more ratchet straps, no securing ramps in your truck bed, and most importantly, no more slipping ramps.  


Watch as Brendan, the company's founder, talks about the creation of RampPro.