I already have ramps, why should I buy a RampPro System?

Well if your perfectly happy with you current ramps, then we're not here to tell you to switch.  However, if you're like us and are unhappy with traditional ramps then RampPro might be just what you need.  RampPro makes it quick and easy to setup your ramps to safely load your equipment.  After loading or unloading, you can simply secure the ramps to the hitch mounted assembly, leaving free space in your truck bed.  In the event that your tailgate must remain open to carry cargo, you no longer need to strap down your ramps.

RampPro also has a simple tilt adjust which allows access to the ramps even when cargo overhangs your tailgate.  The same tilt adjust allows you to fold the ramp towards your truck for a clean and compact travel mode.

Will it fit on my truck?

Do you have a 2 inch receiver?  If so, then RampPro will fit on your truck.    For trucks with shorter tailgates, the RampPro may not fold down into the compact travel position.  We'll be adding dimensional data soon which you can use to validate your trucks dimensions.  Until then, feel free to contact us at info@ramppro.com.

We have measured over 100 pickup trucks of different makes, models, and years, and so far we have not found one that will not work with this bolted design. While assembling your RampPro, you will assemble it such that it fits your truck. We will ask you for the make, model, and year of your truck prior to shipment, and make sure you know what holes to use when putting it together.

Can I buy RampPro without the ramps? I already have my own!

Unfortunately, RampPro is not compatible with other ramps.  In designing RampPro we were looking for the most efficient and secure system.  That meant specialized ramps which secure directly to the hitch mounted assembly.  We are currently only selling RampPro with our ramps.

Assembly required?  What's up with that?

We've designed RampPro so that it can be adjusted to meet all common pickup trucks.  On initial assembly, the hitch mounted assembly is adjustable horizontally and vertically so that the ramps can be positioned to be within an inch of your tailgate.  By keeping a universal model that can be assembled by you, we keep costs down and pass the savings along.

Place and tighten 5 bolts, and you are ready to use your new RampPro!

How long does it take to set up and put away the RampPro system?

Once installed, it take less than 30 seconds to secure your ramps for loading and approximately another 30 seconds to secure them for travel.  Don't believe us?  Watch the video below: